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CAS Exam 6-Canada (Beta version)



IF you find the Exam 6-Canada syllabus overwhelming and want sound guidance from an experienced teacher…

IF you're unsure how to effectively plan your daily study…

IF you can't tell how well you're progressing through the material…

THEN read on...


We use a game-like interface to get you Battle-Ready!

Where do you start?

  • Over 60 papers & 2,000 pages of source material...UGH!!!

  • Start with topics most likely to be asked. (Duh!)
  • We used predictive analytics to figure that out...
      ...and then developed our own game-like cramming system!

  • MAXimize efficiency – minimize time.

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How do you know you're learning?

  • A unique feature of BattleActs100 is the BRQ-score (Battle-Readiness Quotient)

  • BRQ is an exam-readiness score from 0-100%

  • BRQ starts at 0% and is updated in REAL-TIME as you learn

  • BRQ reduces anxiety - you'll KNOW you're learning

  • Crush ur friends! BRQ scores are posted on the public leaderboard

Learning New Material vs Daily Review

  • Each day, you can use our WIKI articles to push forward into new material...

  • ...but also select papers to REVIEW based on their BRQ-subScores

  • YOUR weak areas are easily identifiable by a low BRQ-subScore – review those areas more often

  • Level up. SLAY THE BEAST!


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